Roasting Your WORST Setups

3. april. 2021
2 126 994 Ganger

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You guys asked for it, and today we deliver. We're roasting the best and worst of your setups from Twitter.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • imagine having a worst setup than all of these aha couldn't be me :(

    RetakeRetakeTime siden
  • I thought they were in the same room the whole vid lol

    AlBro666 Tips and ClipsAlBro666 Tips and ClipsTime siden
  • Now I know about this, are you guys gonna do a part two? I'd actually like you rate mine. I'm confident it's fairly clean.

    Andrew LewisAndrew Lewis2 timer siden
  • Is Linus a Power Rangers fan? If so, why haven't wen had a Power Rangers PC build yet? Please Linus..... I need that.

    Andrew LewisAndrew Lewis3 timer siden
  • I am comment number 7000

    Bob JoeBob Joe3 timer siden
  • *anomaly had the idea first xddd*

    OwOBoiOwOBoi3 timer siden
  • 4:03 rip the laptop, better wipe

    KonKon4 timer siden
  • Dam

    SmxckFNSmxckFN4 timer siden
  • do this again

    TwentyfoTwentyfo5 timer siden
  • The whole episode: Wow, this is a good p*** setup.

    SchwupdiSchwupdi5 timer siden
  • damn, no proper coom caves :(

    LFM TechLFM Tech5 timer siden
  • “I’ve got children in my house!” “Just get rid of them” “Yeah!” “Yeah?”

    GraffitistGraffitist5 timer siden
  • Bitwit wants to know your location

    Krazy KommandoKrazy Kommando7 timer siden
  • Techsource off wish

    Callum HerdCallum Herd7 timer siden
  • That headphone amp is gony die way quicker, especially if it's class A.

    Vicious RaccoonVicious Raccoon8 timer siden

    Commander SammerCommander Sammer8 timer siden
  • I just noticed they weren’t sitting right next to each other lol

    alex beaualex beau8 timer siden
  • so you guys mentioned that the tar smoke from cigarette clogs the fans/filters faster so out of curiosity would smoking canna bis out of a waterpipe impact the state of my computer in anyway?

    The LoraxThe Lorax9 timer siden
  • Plagiarism of of bitwit kyle

  • 16:06 to vomit at xqc's content

    100 yen100 yen10 timer siden
  • Worst setup, is when you don't have a setup lol

    Gameplays e etcGameplays e etc10 timer siden
  • why am I not in this video, I literally use tv trays and a wood chair I built

    MeGa STUDIOSMeGa STUDIOS12 timer siden
  • Bruh, i havent seen a single craptop(all laptops are shit).

    w aw a12 timer siden
  • We are gonna keep excelent posture for the rest of this video 5 seconds later: *Leans forward* again🤦‍♂️

    Taylor KnowlesTaylor Knowles15 timer siden
  • How has no one noticed the fact that Linus said "brung you" 15:12

    Soham KatewaleSoham Katewale16 timer siden
  • 10:37. My friend literally has camera covers on everything and it's so fuggn weird.

    NotYourAvgSteveNotYourAvgSteve17 timer siden
  • Mine is definitely a bad one

    Sean WilsonSean Wilson18 timer siden
  • I need a GPU I saved and paid 480 for a 1060 :/ that hurt a lot but I needed something..

    hacker360pchacker360pc19 timer siden
  • My laptop is from 2010

    Eternal SpectreEternal Spectre19 timer siden
  • I don't understand why people even cover there cams just disable the drives and turn them on when you need it.

    UahooUahoo19 timer siden
  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    Laura BrownLaura Brown20 timer siden
  • All the phones are for Clubhouse 😅

    Social JargnSocial Jargn21 time siden
  • I hope that brick isn't structural

    Darren MessickDarren Messick21 time siden
  • You copied the channel called setup wars

    KrissKriss22 timer siden
  • @Linus I have entered all the queues and have a complete build minus the GPU. I got the Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL, The ROG STRIX z590-E and the 10th gen i9 10850k 3.5ghz, platinum 1k watt PSU, nzxt AIO kraken cooler, 128gb g skill royal ram, no GPU =[

    Eric ColicchioEric Colicchio23 timer siden
  • 4:3 best ftr

    MAcDaTHoMAcDaTHo23 timer siden
  • I do the worst cable management

    Jesse DensmoreJesse Densmore23 timer siden
  • 15:57 that "knife" is a flip comb I have one

    aj Josephaj Joseph23 timer siden
  • 3:21 what harms me the most is the fact that he has a fucking rolling chair ON FUCKING CARPET

    Almighty TimeKeeperAlmighty TimeKeeperDag siden
  • You stole this from techsourse

    Chizzles playzChizzles playzDag siden
  • Okay let’s be real toilet paper is better than tissues for the sole reason that you don’t have to deal with that bs at the end where taking a tissue either lifts up the whole box or doesn’t take the second with it so you have to claw around to get it out

    Benedict CucumberbatchBenedict CucumberbatchDag siden
  • Whatte fak CIA watching me yknow

    Adam ekholmAdam ekholmDag siden
  • The thumbnail setup kinda lit tho

    Adam ekholmAdam ekholmDag siden
  • This is just me hating but everyone who actually has a gpu, kinda hate’n, 8gbs are so hard to find even 6gbs are hard

  • You guys are ruthless. Please do it again xD

    patronustrippatronustripDag siden
  • linus: all these setups suck oh boy when you see mine

    corroded batteriescorroded batteriesDag siden
  • why the hell does dude have carpet on his desk? that gottah be dirty as hell. Lot's of stains.

    Netkiller3714Netkiller3714Dag siden
  • I remain one of the seven remaining casual trackball users I see

    DrandayDrandayDag siden
  • What mouse?

    Soupy boy Mc soupSoupy boy Mc soupDag siden
  • calls the software that crashes my computer excellent lmao i hate icue

    SparkyCFWSparkyCFWDag siden
  • i have a case with no standoffs, that is all

    Landon KimballLandon KimballDag siden
  • Them making fun of ppl playing at 6K dpi. 🤣 Me playing at 16k dpi. 😶

    Daniel AmmermanDaniel AmmermanDag siden
  • 3:09 u dare not say that. U have successfully offended the indian commuity. Appareently most of indian homes have the same type of desk for computers.

    Kanaad BhatKanaad BhatDag siden
  • I cant imagine posting my potato computer setup-

    nico- nii!nico- nii!Dag siden
  • I'm shameful enough to keep my lube out...I'm shameful enough

    Bhzaddy BhzolbyBhzaddy BhzolbyDag siden
  • Why can’t people just cable manage

    Endless CommentaryEndless CommentaryDag siden
  • Well i still use a iphone 4

    Mubasher AlamMubasher AlamDag siden
  • I guess I'll just unplug my old GPU, send a picture of my build without it and profit

    reezlawreezlawDag siden
  • I game at 12000 dpi XD

    Maxi SchulzkiMaxi SchulzkiDag siden
  • My gaming setup is a ps3 that won't let me go into my account

    atticus da gameratticus da gamerDag siden
  • If Techsource Sees this

    Savage LeonSavage LeonDag siden
  • Gamers and their desktop very messy Me:😢😢 Also me: realizing that when I have that one I'm the happiest kid in the world

    Mark Terrence BatoMark Terrence BatoDag siden
  • 4:01 hhahahahahaa

    Ultimate Gaming Friends !!!Ultimate Gaming Friends !!!Dag siden
  • I bought a pc and didn’t came in with a gpu and I thought it was running perfectly 😂

    Oscar Mota HidalgoOscar Mota HidalgoDag siden
  • 5:36 aye subarus are cool dont judge

    Caleb SidwellCaleb SidwellDag siden
  • You think he drives a Subaru

    Yung CubeZYung CubeZDag siden
  • 2:31 @LeoTechMaker

  • Joke's on you I don't even have a setup lol

    Just a person on YoutubeJust a person on YoutubeDag siden
  • PO##?

    comicsansgreenkirbycomicsansgreenkirbyDag siden
  • why da pillow 70 bucks dats craaazzzyyy

    SavageSnake17SavageSnake17Dag siden
  • My pcs quite nice as well. I got a i5 3470 3.2 ghz, 16gb of ddr3 ram clocked at 1600 mhz, 3 tb hdd 7.2k rpm, rx 570 4gb oc, 250 watt power supply. And all this on a btx motherboard. Also crashes everytime I launch a game

    Hyplex7 78Hyplex7 78Dag siden
  • I would gladly take your worst set-up.🙏

    Joshua UphamJoshua UphamDag siden
    • Same :(

      Ryan123B AltRyan123B Alt20 timer siden
  • number pad was never on the left picture is mirrored

    CnaqssCnaqssDag siden
  • lol yall are funny as heck with them jokes

    Waluigi HackerWaluigi HackerDag siden
  • ill give one my 2060 if you have a 3060 i can buy and if you can take like $100 off the price of the 3060 i dont need more than that lol

  • I have a pretty small area to play beat saber 😂

    The Game BestThe Game Best2 dager siden
  • These setups are so good wdym

    SpizzlezSpizzlez2 dager siden
  • The worst setup on there Is ten hundred times better than mine

    SubcultSubcult2 dager siden
  • I should have sent in my setup with my midrange pc (r5 3600, 16gb ddr4 ram, 600W psu) and a Nvidia GT710! 7 1 0

    DanielDaniel2 dager siden
    • at least the 2gb vram variant

      DanielDaniel2 dager siden
  • Feels like they should be a weekly serie.

    Chad Cormier RousselChad Cormier Roussel2 dager siden
  • Since 2020 TP is the real Flex

    TILRTILR2 dager siden
  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    Laura BrownLaura Brown2 dager siden
  • You guys are kind of mean.

    Philip StephensPhilip Stephens2 dager siden
  • These setups make me feel spoiled, I mean LOOK AT THOSE

    Slam lolSlam lol2 dager siden
  • The volta spark comes with one tip? gtfo

    Philip StephensPhilip Stephens2 dager siden
  • My set up is worse then all of that.... I have literally 3 desk. 1 for my computer bc the case is massive 2. Is for my monitor 3. Is for my mouse and keyboard and I have invidia1060 with 5950x with 570 motherboard and my monitor is a samsung odyssey 32 inch ....

    RadioBlitzRadioBlitz2 dager siden
  • When u are also on 6000 dpi

    PENGUINPENGUIN2 dager siden
  • I dont have a graphics card bc they are too expensive if you can help me get on it would be highly apperciated

    Qaasim RehanQaasim Rehan2 dager siden
  • 3:19 he gots a fan so when he gets sweaty gamer balls the fans got his back (or balls) fr

  • I have a all in one

    sofa kingsofa king2 dager siden
  • 5:32 LMFAOOO this shit is a true asf stereotype 🤣

    GloxziiGloxzii2 dager siden
  • Here my se- oh wait i dont have any pc

    JohnnyHateCatJohnnyHateCat2 dager siden
  • can u make me a gaming monitor linus tech tips i didnt get anything on my birthday last year ;-;

    Aditya KulkarniAditya Kulkarni2 dager siden
  • I got like 3 bottles of lube on my desk my dumbass is clearly to late to send it now tho.

    TriSpeds OfficialTriSpeds Official2 dager siden
  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    Laura BrownLaura Brown2 dager siden
  • Bruh this is pg13 setup wars

    Justin BanksJustin Banks2 dager siden
  • Linus: roasts our worst setups Linus again: *has a pink laptop with an orange sticker and a white mouse*

    0YOXSIΞ0 000YOXSIΞ0 002 dager siden
  • Profanity count: 999 times

    LifeOfJohnLifeOfJohn2 dager siden
  • 4:11 the intro reaction

    Zeus GamingZeus Gaming2 dager siden
  • Linus: You shouldn’t use iPad camera cos your a monster Me: allow me to introduce myself... lol!!!! 😂😂😂😂!!!!

    Cameron DanielCameron Daniel2 dager siden